SG Library short note

Hello Friends,

You may have heard that the Library took in some water recently. Just to let you know, thanks to a quick response by volunteers and staff covering shelves,

moving furniture & artwork, nothing inside was damaged as water leaked in through the ceiling due to an ice jam above the children’s area. The dripping has stopped and things are back to normal. Repairs will begin when things dry up completely.
Happy Spring!


PS. If you wish to be removed from this list, please let me know!

Soldiers Grove Library News

Hello Friends,

As everyone knows, well those who read our award-winning local newspaper, The Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout, know, the re-scheduled library program with Monique & Phillip Hooker is coming up next week:)

Travels with Monique!
Tuesday, March 19, 5pm
Soldiers Grove Library

Journey through Budapest and Slovenia

Armchair travelogue with Monique and Phillip Hooker

Including a TASTE! of Eastern Europe

Budapest is the capitol of Hungary and is hailed as a most idyllic city to live in. And according to Monique, "Slovenia: Is wild and beautiful – Is elegant and sophisticated – Is an unexpected revelation"
Monique and Philip Hooker have been sharing their pictures and experiences through Eastern Europe in a travelogue series at the Library, with Monique’s signature "tastings" of regional cuisine. She says,"If you have never been there this is a presentation you wouldn’t want to miss!”

A native of Brittany, France, Monique Jamet Hooker is the author of "Cooking with the Seasons: A year in My Kitchen". She and her intrepid adventurer-husband Phillip, travel extensively so we are looking forward to another installment in this lively series.

Hope you will join us,